Happy end in the finish of the U17´s season

29.03.2017 23:45

DBaK - BA Sparta Praha B  68:51

DBaK - BK Klatovy  56:51


    The last weekend for U17 was the winning one. In the saturday´s match we played against team Sparta Praha. It was a great beginning of the match. Good combination a penetration game and score was 8:0, but.... We eased up in the speed and creativity but mostly in the defence and we enabled to equalized the score in the halftime. Decisive was the third quarter where we speed up to the offense and the score grew up. General view of our game was quite satisfying.


    In the last match of the regular season we met out local rival BK Klatovy. It was very equal game for all the time with happy end for our team. It was quite good level match in this category with all what belong to the game (turnovers, missed shots, marvelous fast breaks etc.). Despite the nervous beginning we enjoy the game.

    I´d like to say thank you to all of the players for the whole season. We achieved the main goal, to save the league for next season. For our fans: thank you for all season support.

   For czech language please press 9 for statistics here and here.



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